Covered: Dixie Chicks MMXVI jams

This year, the Dixie Chicks gave us three incredible covers during their MMXVI World Tour — and, let’s face it, how could we choose just one for this week’s Covered feature? We couldn’t … so, here’s three:

Patty Griffin “Please Don’t Let Me Die in Florida”

The Dixie Chicks doing a Patty Griffin track is nothing new. They’ve recorded several of her songs throughout their career, including “Let Him Fly,” Truth No. 2″ and “Top of the World” — and lead singer Natalie Maines tackled “Silver Bell” on her solo record.

Beyoncé “Daddy Lessons”

DCX made a lot of noise when they began covering Beyoncé on the MMXVI tour, but they made a lot more noise when they joined Queen Bey on the CMA Awards to perform the rousing “Daddy Lessons.” Maines previously vowed to never return to the CMA stage, but Beyoncé changes everything. It was a huge show of force by women who epitomize their genres.

Ben Harper “Better Way” 

Taking on friend and collaborator Ben Harper’s “Better Way,” DCX found a triumphant way to showcase their politics and their musicianship.

If DCX takes to the studio again (like we all hope they do), we can only hope that “Please Don’t Let Me Die in Florida,” “Daddy Lessons” and “Better Way” find a place on that new record. Psst: A bonus, deluxe disc addition with these tracks and more would be a perfect addition to a brilliant album of new tracks.



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